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6 things we forget to clean at home

6 things we forget to clean at home
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Yes, you're probably falling into the mistake of not cleaning up some corners of the house, too. When it comes to maintaining a cleanliness at home it does not refer to taking the basics and taking a quick pass through the different rooms. No, it's a mandatory and necessary task that goes further. But sometimes it overlooks that there are a number of places that we don't clean at home.

It is understandable that some pass, since we are not born with an instruction manual under the arm where he explains cleaning tricks to keep the house clean and tidy. That's why in this post we're going to do a review of those places in our home that we leave out.

Top of the fridge and cupboards
The top of the cupboards, if they don't reach the ceiling, accumulates dust and dirt. It is a complicated area to access, but it must be cleaned at least twice a year. This includes the top of the fridge, where you can also accumulate kitchen grease.

How to clean:
- Take a bucket.
- Fill it with clean water (5 liters).
- Add half a glass of ammonia.
- Wet a rag in the bucket.
- Finally, wipe all surfaces with that cloth.

Garbage bin and nearby places
It is important to clean it every 15 days, both the cube and around it and the surfaces in contact with it. Sometimes waste falls out of the bucket, decomposes and can give off an unpleasant odor.

How to clean:
- Wet a clean cloth with water and bleach.
- Then run the rag through the basket and nearby surfaces.
- Rinse with water.
- Finally, let dry.

The broom
Normally, people forget to clean cleaning materials. However, it is essential to keep them clean, otherwise they will not serve their work. Generally, soil, hair and other dirt are trapped between broom bristles.

How to clean:
- Pour 4 liters of clean water into a bucket.
- Pour some detergent.
- Dip the broom and clean it.
- Rinse with water.
- Allow to dry.

Ceiling fans and lamps
Since they are not up to the rest of the elements, we usually forget to clean what hangs from the ceiling. The top of the lamps and blades of the ceiling fans accumulate dust and dirt that you don't normally see. You must prevent this dirt from spreading through the air and contaminating the room.

How to clean: 
- Remove surface dust with dust.
- Then moisten a cloth with water and detergent and pass it all over the lamp or fan.

Pillows and mattress
Even if bedding is used to protect them, they need to be cleaned from time to time. They accumulate remains of dead cells, sweat and hair. Spending so many hours on them generates moisture, which leads to the growth of certain germs.

How to clean:
- Remove the sheets, protectors... everything that covers them.
- Then take a glass of baking soda (200 grams).
- With a strainer spread the baking soda all over the mattress.
- Leave on for 3 hours.
- Finally, aim. The baking soda will take away all the dirt.

Eco-friendly groceries to go to the supermarket
These types of bags, usually made of fabric, are fantastic for taking care of the environment. The problem is that sometimes, you can open some package and spill some of its contents. We advise you to clean them because food breaks down easily.

How to clean:
- Remove any large waste remains found in it.
- Then put it in the washing machine with neutral soap.
- Finally let it dry and reuse it.

It is very important to live in a clean and healthy environment. Can you think of more corners you forget to clean up?

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