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Care and cleaning tips for floors

Care and cleaning tips for floors
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Cleaning the floor eliminates germs, minimizes odors, and restores the house to its fresh and clean appearance. Here's a useful guide on how to clean floors of all kinds, such as vinyl, marble, porcelain and ceramics.
Each of these types of floors, among many, has its own cleaning product. For example, a marble floor is not the same as a vinyl floor and then requires different methods and cleaning products.
If you decide to use commercial products, it is advisable to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions in addition to performing an initial test on a little visible strip. If you decide to use other products such as baking soda, it is recommended to read and follow the label instructions. Also, don't forget to be cautious and careful in case of combining cleaning products.
How to polish marble floors?
Simple daily cleaning can ensure that marble floors are kept in good condition and will also help prevent their deterioration. Since this material is very delicate, it is very important to take care of it and follow the correct cleaning technique to protect it. For example, we recommend that you do not use elements that can scratch or leave stains. In addition, it is advised to avoid acidic products such as lemon or vinegar, as they could damage the material.
To know how to polish marble floors, just follow these simple steps:
1. Pass a soft cloth moistened in warm water all over the marble surface. This will remove dust and other traces of dirt.
2. Mix liquid neutral detergent in a bucket of warm water, pre-testing it for use in a reduced area.
3. Wet the rag in this mixture and pass it all over the surface.
4. After a few minutes, dry with a soft, dry and clean cloth.
How to clean vinyl floors?
In addition to performing a daily cleaning by passing the broom or vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth, there are slightly more sophisticated cleaning methods. To keep them shiny, you can clean them with a specific commercial product for vinyl flooring. It is always recommended to apply the product in a strip as a test before use.
On the other hand, you can also prepare a solution with mild detergent and water to remove any traces of dirt. This method should also be tested before full surface application.  Stains can be treated by rubbing with a cloth moistened in the cleaning solution. Leave on for a couple of minutes, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.
How to clean porcelain floors?
Porcelain floors are very common in bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to being very attractive and gleaming, one of their main features is that they are also very delicate and vulnerable. When cleaning, it's important to follow the right technique to prevent damage. Here we propose the following general cleaning guide:
1. Pass a broom or vacuum cleaner with soft bristles to remove dust and other traces of dirt.
2. Apply a porcelain floor cleaner diluted in water with a soft cloth and let it sit for a few minutes, only if no damage to the partially treated surface has been observed.
3. If it is unpolished porcelain, you can rub with a soft bristle brush. Polished porcelain can be scrubbed with a soft cloth, while textured porcelain should be rubbed with a hard bristle brush.
4. To rinse, pass a clean cloth. It is necessary to ensure that all residues of the product are removed, as they could cause new stains.
How to clean ceramic floors?
1. Pass a broom or vacuum cleaner with soft bristles to remove dust and other traces of dirt. Be sure to clean any dirt accumulated on the tile joints.
2. Pass a damp cloth in a solution of warm water and ceramic floor cleaner.
3. Use a soft cloth to scrub the entire surface.
4. Rub the tile joints with a disused toothbrush. If they're too high, you can sprinkle some baking soda.
5. Rinse the cloth in clean water until any cleaner residue disappears and pass it all over the surface.
6. To make the floor shine, use a soft cloth.
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