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Gardens, how must your cleaning be?

Gardens, how must your cleaning be?
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Cleaning grounds is advisable to make them look neat. In addition, hygiene helps prevent the onset of pests and diseases.
If you are very lucky enough to enjoy a garden in the house it is important to always have it clean and tidy. In autumn and winter the activity that is done in the garden is minor so it is a good time to pluck the weeds, depleted plants and remove the fallen leaves. Special attention should also be paid to the pots of the plants and replenish those that are damaged as they beautify the garden.
The first thing to do for proper garden cleaning is to collect all the leaves with a rake, put them in a large plastic bag and take them to a composting container. The composting container also supports fruit residues, nuts, peels. Collecting the leaves is very important because in addition to unsightly, they are harmful, as they shelter pests and can suffocate small plants, which run out of light. Garden vacuum cleaners reach every corner. Some crush the material, making it easier to decomposition. Brushes are ideal for cleaning paths and trails.
Also, if you have a pond in the garden you should clean it at least once a year. So that the leaves do not fall into the water, it will be protected with a fine-framed mesh. Plants that are submerged must be trimmed and weeds removed.
In winter with cold and frost many plants spoil. Even if you don't think about replanting you should clean and remove old plants for proper garden cleaning.
How can you control weed in gardens?
Weeds are very annoying in the grounds. They can be very harmful when they arise in the middle of plants, until they reach the point of drowning them and give an unsightly and uncontrolled appearance of our garden. Occasionally they also serve as guests of pests and fungi in the gardens. It is important to have them controlled by hoes or fungicides.
To have control of the gardens it is necessary to scarify the lawn to prevent it from weakening and strengthen its beauty:
- Pruning: watering and pruning gardens is a basic task but you have to learn how to do it. When pruning trees and plants, their branches should be pruned from the bottom up with pruning scissors or saws.
- Edges: You must have the edges of the gardens trimmed and low so that they do not invade the plants. You can hold the plants when they grow and they tend to tilt.
- Pest control: in order for gardens not to suffer from pests, we must use plant protection products and thus protect plants against harmful organisms, insects and diseases. Eye! Be careful when plants are in full bloom, it can be harmful to them.
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