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How to clean the blinds on the outside?

How to clean the blinds on the outside?
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The blinds are one of the essential elements in the home, in addition to being an element of decoration. But, at the same time, it is one of the most difficult, cumbersome and heavy elements to clean, especially if it comes to cleaning traditional blinds that get very dirty on its external face, because they face the street or interior patios. In addition to being complicated, it can be risky.

But if you like to have them clean and shiny, here are some helpful indications on how to clean blinds to make them look good and the cleaning lasts, and of course without taking the slightest risk.

How to clean blinds on the outside?

The task of cleaning blinds can be quite difficult and cumbersome, besides risky, especially if you want to clean the outside and your house is quite high. Here we will show you how to clean blinds effectively and safely, with simple home remedies.

To know how to clean the blinds on the outside without having to take half a body out of the window and risk having an accident, the key is to remove the drum from the blind, that is, the structure of the blind, and take advantage of it to clean this gap. The drum is the place where the blind is rolled, and is usually screwed, so disassembling it is not easy, but it is always less risky to carry out this work for cleaning the blind safely.

Once the drum cover has been removed, a ladder will be used to clean the slate blind, as well as the grooves between slats. Then, a damp cloth will be passed that will be rinsed with the help of a sweep, and with a cleaning product suitable for the material of the blind. Then dry the slats so that they do not take dust if left wet.

Cleaning blinds is a necessary job, but quite difficult and cumbersome. It takes patience, physical strength and dexterity. The good news is that since it is not done very often, it is best to clean it all thoroughly, and also the drum hollow, where you may find a lot of dust, or even spiders and spider webs. Thus, the cleaning will last a long time. In addition to the current blinds, you can also have Venetian blinds.

It is true that they are always framed within the rooms and there is no Venetian that is out of reach so you do not run the risk when cleaning them. However, and like the common blinds, they are not blinds at all easy to clean, because it is difficult to reach all the surfaces of the slats and this cleaning task takes its time and its work. But not everything that is difficult is impossible.

To clean these blinds, there is a special tool that allows to reach all its surfaces, moving the blind rod to give more or less light, and also to clean them on both sides of the slats. This is the special brush for Venetian blinds. It is not expensive, it can be found on any large surface, and is very useful. This tool has a handle and several elongated parts to be able to insert them between the slats, so in a single pass you can clean half a dozen slats at a time.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products for cleaning the blinds will depend on the material from which the blind is made. If the blinds are made of wood, the products to clean wooden surfaces are perfectly valid for the blinds. Even parquet cleaning products (soapy cleaners, products for hygienization parquet floors and pallets) are also suitable for cleaning wooden shutters, and these will be perfect and well maintained.

In any case, it is best to always pass a damp cloth to remove dirt before applying any product. To clean plastic blinds, it is best to use a sponge with water (better hot) and some kind of soft soapy cleaner (a dishwasher soap is perfect).

If the blinds have some grease impregnated because they are in a kitchen, you can use a degreaser like the one used in the kitchen. Afterwards, it would be enough to pass a damp cloth to rinse, and you would have the plastic blinds clean. To clean metal blinds, after removing the dust with a dry cloth or a duster, what works best is to clean them with a rag wet in alcohol, which is a very powerful ingredient to remove dirt on metal surfaces that will not be damaged. Afterwards, they can be air-dried and they will look perfect.

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