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How to clean cristal superficially?

How to clean cristal superficially?
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Cleaning the glasses and mirrors of the house has always been a somewhat annoying task, since many times you spend a long time trying to leave those surfaces completely cleaned, but then you realize that the work has not been so effective. Tables, entrance furniture, display box doors, not to mention glassware, glasses and plates. Not forgetting the bathroom, where the screen or glass sink accumulates so much lime that from one day to the next it seems that they have passed without passing a cloth or a bayette. Also, if you don't take the time to clean the glass, you may see scratches and stains.
Use the right rags
To clean the best thing is to use rags. There are two kinds of very effective rags, micro-fiber rags clean well the glass surface and rags to clean wooden furniture. These also serve to leave the glass clean evenly. Stay away from cotton towels as they leave lint and you won't be able to leave the crystals clean as you wish. A very effective trick, is to clean the crystals with newspapers, the old newspapers will do wonders on their crystals leaving them bright and clean, and it's a way to recycle the old papers.
Hot water and soap: the simplest recipe
Glass and glass ornaments can be cleaned by submerging them in hot soapy water, if their dimensions permit. They are then rinsed with hot water and left to dry, or dried with a clean lint-free cloth. If they were large objects, we can clean them with a cloth moistened in a mixture in equal parts of water and alcohol, and then review them with a dry, clean cloth.
The key is daily cleaning
As with any other cleaning task, performing it daily or with the right frequency ensures the maintenance of any surface, and with those furniture that have a special value it is worth making the effort. Do not wait for a stain or a malfunction, maintenance requires discipline and consistency but certainly the result is more than brilliant. Never better said.
The magic of vinegar
To save on cleaning products you can use a very surprising homemade recipe: it's about mixing a cup of alcohol, a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Vinegar and ammonia should never be mixed, but can be used separately. Ammonia as a unique product in glass is very effective for defogging. You can also opt for some hot water and soap as we have seen before, rinse the glass with water to remove traces of soap and to give it shine a little vinegar is added to the water. And so, your crystals will shine bright and perfect.
A trick to brighten the glass
As easy as making a mixture with salt, baking soda and hot water. And rub with it any glass surface you want to brighten. And if you want to refine the work done, go back to the water with vinegar as a final touch.
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