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How to clean a very dirty carpet at home?

How to clean a very dirty carpet at home?
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The carpets enrich the decoration of the living room, bring the home to life and insulate from the cold. There are different countries of the world, of different styles, colors, decorative motifs, etc. Some are even authentic works of art and real crafts, but all, over time and with inadequate cleanliness, can become a focus of infection. The various fabrics that make up the carpets retain millions of mites from dust, bacteria, soil, soot, hairs both human and animal or remains of dead skin.
For optimal maintenance of carpets, whether wool, silk, cotton, goat hair or synthetic fabrics it is advisable to perform a cleaning twice a year. This will prevent your carpet from becoming a source of dirt and the fabrics from deteriorating.
Cleaning carpets at home effectively, naturally and economically is possible with some basic ingredients and some specific tips:
Frequent cleaning
For normal and frequent cleaning, we first have to start by turning the carpet around. Then you have to vacuum through the back. Dirt, dust and crumbs will be removed. In any case, here's how to vacuum the carpets.
We turn again, and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda. Then we spread it over the entire surface with the help of a soft bristle brush. If we are afraid of delicate tissue you can use a cloth that is completely dry.
You have to let the baking soda act as long as possible, ideally it would be about 24. It is then removed with the vacuum cleaner. If this action is done often, the carpets will always be clean and deodorized. This is because bicarbonate removes odors in a natural way, without masking them.
Deep cleaning
For a deeper cleaning, a mixture composed of two glasses of white vinegar and three tablespoons of baking soda is made in one liter of water and the product is distributed with a sprayer. It brushes gently and lets the carpet dry well, away from sunlight so as not to damage the colors.
With white vinegar and coarse salt in equal parts a paste is created with a creamy consistency, which will serve us to be able to clean the different stains that the carpet may have. This mixture is an excellent stain remover, but should be used with care on those especially delicate fabrics. For fresh, moist or oily stains, a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch should be applied.
When the dimensions permit, you can clean the carpets by hand or in the washing machine with a mild and eco-friendly detergent, such as a mixture of soap in a bottle with water, a cup of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil from the perfume you prefer, is optional. All ingredients are well mixed and used as normal laundry detergent.
Cotton or sponge rugs, those used in the bathroom especially, can be treated with soap. First, the soap should be dissolved with water and poured with a spray.
It is also recommended that the carpets be allowed to dry in the air, although away from sunlight that could create stains, if for example, the carpet is a light color.
Steam cleaning
To address the cleaning of the carpets of the home in a home and natural way, we have to mention steam. It is a hygienization technique that significantly reduces the population of mites that proliferate especially in terms of temperature (20oC or approximately) and humidity index (60o and hereafter) accompanies them. These are vital conditions, very optimal for these arachnids.
Steam cleaners only use water at high temperature, to create a very powerful natural steam, with great disinfection capacity.
Cleaning by professionals
Nor can the cleaning carried out by the professionals, either at the customer's own home or with home pick-up, be disdained. These companies do professional work at the highest level.
Using very precise techniques for each type of tissue, they use the injection-extraction system, combining the injection force of specific products for the disinfection and cleaning of the tissues and the subsequent extraction of the liquid sucking the dirt. The service is unbeatable, while cleaning, restoring as well.
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