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How to clean wood doors?

How to clean wood doors?
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The doors are the first to welcome your guests and the last to fire them. They can be said to be the face of your home or office, which will leave an impression on the person who crosses it. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to keep them clean, as well as for the hygiene and protection of wood.
These tips are the best tool for you to start the task of cleaning the wooden doors leaving them as new. People will be happy to enter any of the spaces you invite.
How to clean wooden doors?
Before you start, take a good look at the wooden door you're cleaning. Is she too damaged? Do you have any kind of lacquer on you? Is the paint worn? This information is very important so that you can make the decision about the products and elements to use when cleaning these surfaces.
If you already have an idea of the state in which your wooden door is located, we will tell you all the keys you need so you know how to clean the wooden doors of home or the office according to the needs of these. If there are multiple doors you can hire the services of expert staff on the subject to make them perfect and stay that way for a long time.
Cleaning interior and exterior wooden doors
These are the keys that will help you to know how to clean varnished or varnished wooden doors that are on the outside, and also how to clean wooden doors indoors:
Surface dirt
What soils the doors the most is dust and contact. In some spaces you can find cobwebs and even a thin layer of dust that make your wooden door look permanently dirty. Therefore, it is important to remove all the dirt that is on the surface of your wooden door.
You can use a duster, a dust-removal cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner to help you quickly remove all dirt on the surface.
Spots and footprints
With a little neutral soap and warm water you can remove the stains on your wooden door. Most doors have washable paints that make this task easier. Remember not to use an abrasive sponge so you don't leave scratches or remove varnish or paint when cleaning the door.
It is important that you remove the soap from the door properly after you finish this procedure. If there's a soap stain left, you'll probably notice it over the days.
Edges and fences
With hot water and soap you can clean the edges of your door well. Remember to use a ladder and clean the top edge carefully. You can also pass a cloth through the bottom of the edge. In these areas you can find a lot of dirt, so you may need to use more than one cloth.
Accumulated dirt
If you want to know how to clean wooden doors that have a lot of dirt accumulated over time, it is important to pass the cloth several times with soap, carefully removing the product, to avoid new stains. After passing the cloth several times you will notice that the wooden door regains its original color.
Kitchen doors and bathrooms can accumulate grease. If you want to know how to clean wooden doors with grease we recommend mixing in the water a little degreasing, which will help you eliminate such problems. Remove the product thoroughly before letting the door dry.
Protection and shine
When the doors have some kind of varnish, after performing the procedure of how to clean chocolate-colored wooden doors, for example, you can place some liquid to brighten furniture of the same color. If you already know how to clean oak or other wood doors, consider the color of it before applying the protector.
If you are using this process to solve the how to clean agglomerate doors, which in most cases only have a few layers of paint, in this case you can use some homemade tricks that will bring shine and nutrition.
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