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How to properly clean the vacuum filter?

How to properly clean the vacuum filter?
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The vacuum cleaner is without a doubt one of the most useful little appliances we can have in the home. The use of vacuum cleaners is a great ally in the cleaning of the home. These help us remove dust and mites quickly and effectively, however we often overlook their cleaning. To keep them vacuuming as well as the first day it is necessary to clean them from time to time so that they continue to function properly.
Cleaning is very important so that it can work properly. Want to know how to clean the vacuum filter? Read on and you'll see how to do it effectively:
Steps to clean the vacuum filter
1. First of all, it is important to know that vacuum filters can be cleaned periodically or replaced with new ones, although this is best done when they are already actually damaged.
2. Already in the work to clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner, it is essential that it is unplugged.
3. Once unplugged, you must remove the container in which the dirt is deposited when vacuuming.
4. Remove the tank cover and remove all debris, or the bag if it is from the vacuum cleaners containing one.
5. Use a brush to clean any debris inside the filter. Remove the filter and also pass the brush to clean it.
6. The inlet and outlet of the filter should be cleaned frequently as they accumulate a lot of dirt. Normally the tank is emptied and the filter is not cleaned, which causes a lot to accumulate and damage.
7. The filter can be washed with hot water, paying special attention to the folds to remove dirt between them. Do not add anything to the water, it will be enough with the pressure you exert to remove any rest.
8. To do this washing, hold the filter so that the pleated part is facing up. Let water flow parallel to the folds, at the right angle so that dirt can be removed.
9. Rotate the filter 180o and now let the water go in the opposite direction. When fully clean, shake the water residue from the filter.
10. Before putting the filter back in, it is very important that there is not a drop of water left when putting it. It is best to let them dry outdoors for a day.
11. Finally, consult the manufacturer but every six months it is advisable to replace the filter with a new one, especially if you use the vacuum very often.
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