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How to remove fungus from the taps?

How to remove fungus from the taps?
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Moisture promotes the appearance of fungi around canillas and commands. Learn how to eliminate them and keep your taps as new.
This area is in contact with the water almost all the time. As careful as you are, every time a door is opened, the taps are splashed and moisture builds up at the edges of the commands. This is one of the perfect home ecosystems for tartar formation, fungal growth and bacterial buildup. The image is repeated on the kitchen rings and bathroom rings. On the one hand, the marks that leave the water on the commands and the peaks. On the other hand, that scab between white and greenish that grows day by day and seems difficult to get. It is the effect of what is known as "hard water", with lots of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium.
1. Lemon: ideal for removing tartar from the chrome taps. Cut the fruit in half and rub it on the surface until completely covered. Rinse with warm water and dry with a microfiber cloth.
2. White vinegar: fulfills double function, because it removes stains and also disinfects. It is used diluted in a little water and passed with a cloth.
3. Salt: diluted with water serves to remove the stains that leave the toothpaste in the bath rings.
4. Sodium bicarbonate: mixed with white vinegar, it is ideal for removing tartar, cleaning and removing fungi accumulated in the shower faucet.  In this case, it is a paste with 40 g of baking soda and 250 ml of vinegar to pass it to a small plastic bag and tie it to the tap beak or shower flower so that it is firm. Leave to rest for a minimum of three hours, rub with a disused toothbrush and ready.
How do you keep tartar and mushrooms from covering your home taps again?
Some recommendations:
1. Do not let the canteens drip. Regularly renews bowls and washers so that they are tightly closed.
2. Dry the rings and faucets thoroughly after each use.
How to remove fungus from the bathroom: Beyond the taps, fungi can also accumulate on the walls and ceilings of the bathroom as a result of moisture condensation. Products that combine cleaning and antibacterial action are of great help in these cases. Keep the bath ventilated and add a dehumidifier or fan to prevent water and trapped moisture from generating more fungus.
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