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Keys to cleaning your armchairs

Keys to cleaning your armchairs
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The living room is probably one of the most used spaces in a home. This daily use causes the furniture found in this room to be usually the most "punished". The sofas accumulate a lot of dirt, hence it is advisable to clean them assiduously.
There are few times we come home and let ourselves fall on the couch shoes included or that we peck something fast sitting on the couch paying little attention to crumbs that may fall. If we also have pets, the accumulated dirt will be greater as will the need to clean them. But how do we clean them?
Acquiring a cleaning routine is the key to making our sofas clean. Although we are not aware of this, the sofas collect those particles of dirt that we bring from the street in our clothes and those that we generate in the home when we work or eat on the sofa.  A dirty armchair is also a source of mites, allergy generators and asthma.
Both the upholstery and the interior padding of the sofas, is also composed of materials that absorb all kinds of odors. Over time, if they're not cleaned, they can start to smell bad at home, one more than enough reason to clean the sofas assiduously, don't you think?
Basic maintenance
Reducing dirt buildup is key to avoiding problems arising from dirt.  In addition, the daily care of our furniture will prevent us from having to carry out intensive cleaning on a recurring basis. Want to know the steps to keep your sofas clean?
- Vacuum the sofa at least once a week to prevent dust and dirt from clinging to the material for everyday use.
- Clean stains as soon as they appear. Fresh stains are always easier to remove than dry stains.
- If the sofa is removable wash it with some assiduousness following the instructions on the label. If it isn't, follow the steps below.
How to clean fabric or microfiber armchairs?
Passing the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and surface dirt should be the first step in cleaning any sofa whatever it is. Then, depending on the material of this we will use accessories and own products so as not to spoil the upholstery.
Once removed the surface dirt attacks the stains. You can use a microfiber cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush to remove stains by making circular movements from the outside to the inside of the stain with the following solutions.
- Solution for fabric sofa: 1 L of warm water + 1/2 glass of vinegar + 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
- Solution for microfiber sofa: 1 L of warm water + 1/2 L of vinegar + 1 drop of lavender soap.
These will not only help you clean stains, but effectively disinfect the surface.  Remember, however, try them first on an unsoversable area of the sofa, before applying them directly to the stain to avoid scares.
Once a month, a general cleaning with soap and water won't hurt on the couch. With a slightly damp microfiber cloth gently rubs the sofa so that the liquid penetrates the material. Then let it dry naturally, opening the windows, if possible.
How to clean leather sofas?
Removing dust from your sofa weekly will help dirt not build up. You can remove it with the vacuum cleaner, influencing the seams and slits of the furniture, because that's where the most dirt accumulates. Then pass a soft cloth moistened in distilled water on the surface and dry with another. If you do it weekly, you'll be able to keep your leather sofa clean.
What if a liquid spills on the couch? Then ideally dry the stain quickly with a cloth or absorbent paper, collecting the liquid from the outside to the inside of the stain and without rubbing it. Once the liquid is absorbed, use a special leather cleaner.
Leather armchairs have their own peculiarities. It is important not to use products containing alcohol or strong solvents as they can eat color or remove shine or leather furniture. In addition, for proper maintenance it will be necessary to nourish the leather monthly with specific oils or waxes for this material.
To nourish and moisturize the skin of your leather sofa you can apply commercial oils and waxes with a dry cloth or use a moisturizer or body milk; can also give a great result. Try, however, to extend the product well so that it penetrates the material and do not create stains.
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