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Party at home? Cleaning for the before and after

Party at home? Cleaning for the before and after
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Are you about to have a big party at home or have you already had it and take a few minutes on your computer to figure out how to bring your home back to life after party?
It is huge the responsibility of having guests and the work that will then clean up the mess, here we give you some pre and post party tips that will help you make the task less tired and who knows, maybe if this works now you become the favorite party organizer of your social circle.
Before the party
Although having a party at home is with the reason of the warmth of home, you must take your foresight and avoid anger and more work, for this prepare your house before the guests arrive.
A house with a pleasant aroma will always be well remembered, place some electric flavorings around your house.
Place bags in trash cans
The customs that you have in your home from the rest of the people are very different, if your boats do not have bags, it will be better to place some and preferably choose boats with lid for that occasion.
Lock up valuable items
Avoiding accidents of all kinds, he keeps croeveres, portrait holders, chandeliers and other delicate objects in some room that no one has access to.
Place ashtrays in every corner
If you're going to have guests who smoke, place ashtrays throughout your home to make it easier for them to throw them away and thus more cleaning work for you.
Shake the whole place
Give yourself time to shake the dust before your meeting, your guests may not notice, but if you don't, then they will remember.
Remove the carpets
We don't want stains impossible to clean, so it's best to remove carpets for that party time.
Fill the bathroom with soap and paper
As a good hostess, in addition to snacks and good music, it is always important to have a bathroom ready for use, that does not lack paper, soap and a towel to dry, this in addition to giving a good impression will help you prevent your guests from improvising and creating chaos in your bathrooms.
After the party
Okay, the party's over and everyone's gone, it's time to clean up and you don't know where to start, the most important thing is to be well prepared for war and here's a list of what you might need.
After having a full house, a good disinfectant can not be missing, gel, spray or diluted will be your main cleaning element.
Large garbage bags
That they are several, you can interspers between medium and jumbo, they will serve you to deposit from food debris, to balloons and streamers.
Cleaning gloves
Well, you don't want to ruin your manicure or just hygiene, the gloves can't be missed.
Absorbent towels
These towels capable of absorbing any spilled liquid will be your great allies for the first pass.
Vacuum cleaner
Can you imagine a whole bowl of popcorn watered on the ground? We'd better vacuum and finish soon.
Odour Remover
Unlike the flavorings that only perfume, odor removers kill bacteria, a few of these will come great for giving your home the clean smell.
Disposable traps
Don't use the rags in your kitchen to clean (or if you use them), make the idea disposable so you can clean without fear.
Start by cleaning the surfaces, you can throw everything that is dry to the ground, it will be easier to sweep and deposit it in bags, then bring with you rags and bucket as well as liquid cleaners. At the end, give a hand in more detail and you're done.