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Pool Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Pool Cleaning: Tips and Tricks
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The pools should be maintained throughout the year so that when it comes time to enjoy them, they are perfectly clean and with crystal clear water. It is not enough to clean them on the dates prior to use. If you want to save money and do it yourself, here are a few useful tips to learn how to clean your pool and have it ready to enjoy during the summer months.
How to clean a pool?
The pools are not easy to clean and maintain during the summer months, but it is an extra job to be done if we want to enjoy it on hot summer days. Normally, the automatic maintenance of the pool is already incorporated and these are equipped with water filtration systems that remove dirt, dead plants, flowers, insects, etc., automatically.
In addition, and among its advantages, automatic cleaners can improve the effectiveness of products that are responsible for water treatment and that keep it clean, preventing algae and verdines from appearing, and thus we will preserve the environment. But, in any case, to clean the bottom of the pool, you have to do it manually with automatic clean bottoms, to remove impurities and inlays on the pool floor. Then we can use the strainer to remove impurities on the surface in a timely manner.
All pools must undergo a chemical treatment, which is essential, using chemicals based on anti-algae and chlorine, so that the water does not get muddy and is always clean and crystal clear. Normally, these products, as well as automatic cleaning, should be done once every 15 days in summer, which is when the pool is most used and maintenance a couple of times in winter.
It is also convenient to buy a pool cover during the winter, which will prevent water from getting more dirty than the bill or evaporating over time.
The essential chemical components for cleaning pools
To clean your pool, and keep it year-round and not spoil, it is important to perform a chlorination, which involves applying a very high dose of chlorine that ends with all the dirt from the pool and the water is kept clean.
There are ready-made products, and the instructions will indicate the amount to apply. It is important to maintain the pH level of the water, when we are going to use the pool, which has to be between 7.2 and 7.6 so that the water is in perfect condition and we do not get irritated the skin with the use of chlorine. To measure it, there are specific thermometers that will tell us the correct levels. In addition, we must use algicides preventively, at the beginning and end of the season. Finally, keep in mind that automatic filters should always be clean, and running for about 6-8 hours a day.
Tips and tricks
- It is important to check, before thinking about cleaning your pool, without any repairs.
- To clean the bottom of a pool well, bottom cleaning machines with brushes and special pool products containing certain acids will be used. Soap or detergent should never be used as they may react with chlorine. The anti-algae will always be added at the beginning and end of the season.
- It is necessary to check the scrubber or automatic filter in time, checking that the pump and filters are working properly, that there are no impurities and that they are not jammed, because they must work for at least 6 hours a day without interruption. When the scrubber is checked, it is advisable to let it work for 24 hours at the beginning of the season.
- On a daily basis, it will be necessary to pass a strainer to remove dried leaves, dead insects and various impurities that may have fallen into our pool at night.
- It is advisable to clean the background once a week to always have it in the best conditions of use.
- Chlorine needs to be added daily, so that the Ph of the water is always the one indicated, between 7.2 and 7.6 (you have to remember to measure it daily) and we do not get irritated the skin. It is important to pour the chlorine a few hours before making use of the pool so that the smell is diluted throughout the day, and we do not irritate our eyes or smell excessively strong to chlorine.
- It is advisable to install a rainwater storage tank to be able to take advantage of this water in the pool, and invest less in water when we are going to use it.
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