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Steps to do a home energy cleanup

Steps to do a home energy cleanup
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There are many reasons why your home may need energy cleaning. Maybe you're attracting bad vibes with some objects without knowing it. Or maybe you and the rest of the inhabitants of the house are carrying negative energy (at work, for example) that bring home.
Whatever the reason, doing an energy cleanse is always a good idea to improve relationships within the home and rebuild a space of harmony. This technique uses smoke as the main element, it is very simple and effective.
First: physical cleansing
Before doing an energy cleaning, the house has to be well cleaned physically. Dirt and lockdown make energy heavy, static. That's why it's necessary to clean up thoroughly.
Open the windows and ventilate the whole house well. Open the faucets for a few moments, clean the toilet. First of all, sweep and remove as much dust as you can from the house.
If the energy is too heavy, you can purify the soil by pouring 300 g. of salt into the scrubbing bucket and wash the floor with it. Then wash it again in a traditional way.
Second, prepare the materials and the moment
There are different options you can use for energy cleaning with smoke. Frankincense is one of the most recommended.
In addition, it is very important to do the energy cleaning at the right time. It's important that it's a day when you're just at home, or you and someone else who's in tune with the work they're going to do.
You must choose a day when you feel good, physically and mentally. Well, your own energy will be important in the process. Don't use metal objects, and preferably choose light clothing for the occasion.
Prevent children from being in the house, don't take unexpected visitors, and disconnect your phone.
This cleaning should be done by day and with the windows closed. If there are curtains, they must be open to let in the light.
You'll need to work in silence (without background music) with words in mind that have to do with your purpose.
Third: clean up
All set, it's time to start with the energy cleaning itself. Head to the room farther from the entrance to the house first. Inside that room, go to the wall where the window is located and from there, move clockwise around the room.
You have to move the smoke up and down, as if you were "painting" the walls. In the corners, make several passes, as this is where there is greater accumulation of negative energies.
Follow the process around the entire room until you return to the starting point.
Repeat the process in all rooms, following the order from the furthest from the entrance door to the hall. If any room does not have a window, start from the door.
Once the process is complete, leave your house for a short walk. Then go home, open all the windows and take a shower with not too hot water.
To seal the work, use the sound. If you know how to use Tibetan bowls, go with one room per room, place yourself in the center of each one, and make it sound several times.
Otherwise, use classical or soothing music, raising the volume of the computer until it is heard throughout the house.
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