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Tips to remove fish smell from the kitchen

Tips to remove fish smell from the kitchen
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Fish is one of the ingredients that are most used in the kitchen, there are numerous variants that give rise to delicious dishes made with fish such as robalo, salmon, tuna, sardines, seafood, among many others. However, despite how exquisite and versatile they are, whenever you cook with them the hardest part comes after: eliminate the bad smell they leave in the kitchen, which stands out for being one of the most complicated to disappear.
However, there are extraordinary steps that you can take in advance, which will help you neutralize its aroma, know the main tips for taking cards in the matter.
Dip fish fillets in milk
This advice is one of the simplest and most practical, it is a great first preventive measure all you will have to do is 30 minutes before cooking the fish, soak it in a container with abundant milk. This measure is perfect to prevent when cooked their smell is scattered throughout the kitchen and house.
Before cooking with fish you should make sure to open all nearby windows so that the air circulates, avoid turning on fans all you will cause is for the smell to spread throughout the house and it will be harder to remove.
Hot water with vinegar
Vinegar is one of the best odour neutralizers out there, this trick is a real wonder; all you have to do is when you finish cooking with fish boil in a large pot three cups of water with two cups of white vinegar, allows you to boil your vapours will absorb the bad smells as if by magic.
Hot water with lemon
Lemon is another of the great removers of natural smells and has the peculiarity of providing a fine aroma; in a large pot add 5 cups of water and several lemons split into pieces, allows it to boil for 10 minutes, its aromatic vapours are very effective at eliminating odors.
Coffee beans
One of the great uses given to coffee beans that are no longer used is as a natural air freshener for the home, is characterized by its ability to absorb odors and is a great ally to neutralize them. All you have to do is after cooking fish, toasting a fist of coffee beans in the kitchen.
Cinnamon rods
The smell of cinnamon is so effective against odors, it is not uncommon to find it in many conventional cleaning products. However, if it is to neutralize the fish odor, it can also be used in its natural state.
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