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What should you know to properly clean an office?

What should you know to properly clean an office?
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A company has to be properly ordered, disinfected and completely clean, for this it is important to choose the best cleaning products for the office. Finding harmony in our work environment will always help a good organization of work.
In our work it is where we spend most of the day, so it is not surprising that hygienic measures are taken very seriously to prevent the spread of viruses and allergies. In addition, odour has been shown to affect aspects related to productivity and work motivation.
Take care of my office, what should I consider?
The most important thing to take care of all the facilities in your office is that it is done with an established periodicity, that the time difference is not so large: some parts will need weekly care and others will need monthly or even annual care.
It will all depend on the degree of use of the space, the number of employees, the hours of work or the possible setbacks that may arise in the day-to-day life of the company.
The removal of waste and waste
It is very important to maintain this aspect daily, taking out all the waste that has been left in the office during the day is basic. Especially if it is rubbish that generates odors or can become contaminants.
To do this, it is very important to choose suitable garbage bags to avoid odors and in addition, they must be strong, in case there are sharp elements inside the bag that can damage the plastic and pour waste or garbage.
Cleaning all surfaces and dust
Here we can include walls, moldings, wires, dust from tables or chairs. Basically we have to clean up everything we have access to and can be seen. In each zone or element we will use a specific type of product. The important thing is that it is of good quality and helps to disinfect as much as possible.
There is also the disinfection of sensitive facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens or cafes.
They require deep cleaning with suitable products. Bacteria and infection hotspots are mostly established in these areas. Special care with these spaces.
Disinfection of equipment
People who work in a company often share office materials such as phones or computers. The daily use of electronic elements requires disinfection of objects every little time.
Absence of cleanliness can cause the spread of viruses and infections that make the employee's work impossible. Colds and respiratory diseases are spread orally. Keep in mind that the headphones of the phone is the closest thing to our mouth, the risk of contagion is higher.
You can't let your guard down with any element of your company.
Carpets: a focus of dirt
Already very few companies bet on carpets or carpets in the workspace. While it is true that they bring more warmth to the environment, they are truly difficult to clean and get dirty easily. If your office still has this element, special care for dirt, dust and bacteria that originate.
You can do a daily cleaning or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner, but from time to time we should contact a cleaning agency that takes care of the disposal of waste on this type of element to prevent the rubbish from getting embedded.
Window panes are also important
It is one of the elements that do not need so much care, but the cleaning of glass in the windows is another aspect to consider. It will depend a lot on the weather in the area where the company is located.
We can't let dirt coming from the outside prevent us from seeing through it.
A monthly cleaning would be enough to have the windows clean.
There are a lot of techniques that will help you to have the windows impeccable, but it is best to rely on the experience of professionals in the sector who will use the right methods and products for each type of windows and windows.