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Why does mold come out of the closet clothes?

Why does mold come out of the closet clothes?
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A fairly common problem in households is the growth of mold inside the closets. Although at first it can go unnoticed, with the days causes bad clothing and stains difficult to remove. Do you know why mold comes out of the clothes in the closet?

There are several environmental conditions that lead to the appearance of mold in this type of spaces. Therefore, it tends to be more frequent in houses whose interiors are too humid and poorly ventilated. Heat and lack of hygiene can also be influenced.

What is mold?
The term "mold" is used to describe a variety of microorganisms belonging to the fungal group, along with mushrooms and yeasts. These, in particular, are composed of a set of spores that are usually suspended in the air.

However, as a result of moisture, heat, low ventilation and dirt, these fungi decide to settle in different spaces of the house, proliferating to create an entire colony.

The big drawback of having them at home is that they can cause many problems, both domestically and in health. Their presence is noticeable because they produce stains and odors on walls, clothing and furniture. In addition, they are related to asthma problems and respiratory and skin allergies.

Why does mold come out of clothes in the closet?
To solve the question of why mold comes out of closet clothes it is important to consider what was mentioned above. In this sense, we must be clear that the wardrobe is usually an airtight space, low ventilation, where heat also accumulates.

Gathering these characteristics, it is not uncommon for molds to be concentrated inside. In addition, in some homes the problem is greater, as the wardrobes are built into walls that face external areas where there is greater contact with moisture.

Growing inside these furniture, mold manages to spread to clothing, causing stains that are very difficult to erase. Similarly, it can affect garments when stored without being completely dry.

What should you do if mold comes out of clothes in the closet?

There are several solutions so that mold does not damage the garments that are stored inside the cabinets. Of course, it is ideal to take preventive measures, since once mold stains from it is very difficult to remove them. Write down the following:

Examine and clean the closet
First, remove all clothing from the closet and examine their insides to see if they have brown or greenish spots that can alert them to mold. If so, dilute a couple of tablespoons of bleach in a liter of water and spray it over the mold to remove it.

Keep in mind that bleach can damage clothing. Therefore, before storing the garments again, remove the residue with a towel and let it dry.

Buy an anti-smoking product
There are a wide variety of products that help prevent moisture inside the cabinets; conventional examples include silica gel, calcium sulfate or activated alumina. There are also natural options such as baking soda, salt or rice.

Ensures ventilation of cabinets
To alter the environment these fungi need to proliferate, ventilate the cabinets several times a week. Even if possible, install doors and shelves where there is better air circulation. 

Dry clothes as soon as possible
After washing your clothes, be sure to put them to dry outdoors as soon as possible. If you leave it too long to soak or wet, you're more likely to have subsequent problems from mold growth.

Be sure to keep your clothes dry
Introducing wet garments into cabinets is a factor that often influences the growth of fungi. Therefore, to avoid the problem, check that the clothes are dry thoroughly before storing them.

Use white vinegar
If your garments have acquired bad odor and moisture stains, apply them with a solution of white vinegar diluted in hot water. After 20 or 30 minutes, rinse them in the normal washing machine cycle. If the stain is very difficult, try combining vinegar with baking soda.

Now that you know why mold is coming out of clothes in the closet, you can make a plan to keep this problem going any longer. Consider all the tips given and prevent this fungus from damaging your clothes.

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