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Your house cleans after the holidays?

Your house cleans after the holidays?
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During the holidays it is not uncommon for us to abandon our routines. And if we go on a trip, or we're just not much at home, one of the first things we set aside is cleaning regularly and thoroughly.
So, for these days when we start getting back to work and recovering routines, it's okay to spend some time doing a general review of the house. Although this is never a pleasant task, with organization and some tricks we won't need to make a superhuman effort to get our house back on track.
Windows and curtains
The first thing we have to do is ventilate the house. If we've been out, with the house completely closed, it's normal for the atmosphere to be charged, and opening the windows for the air to run will clear it right away. And this may be a good time to wash the curtains. If we hang them when they are still wet they will dry out pretty quickly because of the heat it still makes, they will stretch with their own weight and do not need to iron them.
We can also take advantage to clean the windows. For this, the most effective thing is to use a very basic and well-known trick: spray with glass cleaner and dry with old newspaper paper. Unlike rags, these leaves leave no marks or lint, and much more shine is achieved.
Out of dust
Continuing with more generic activities, we have to sweep those last traces of dirt or sand, and remove the accumulated dust. It is better to do it directly at once throughout the house, because then we can focus on the concrete tasks that need the bathroom or the kitchen, without having to pass the broom every time.
Sweeping first saves us from having to pass the bayette twice, because doing it the other way around – sweeping after cleaning – could lift more dust. To clean the furniture, just do something as simple as wetting the rag we use a little. In this way, the dirt gets trapped and we do not pass it from one surface to another.
Wardrobes up to date
If we've been on the road until recently, unpacking can be the perfect opportunity to start tidying up and partially advancing the wardrobe change. Once washed and ironed, some summer garments or holiday items can be stored now, and we can start taking out the time-to-time clothes.
Although there is still a lot of time before we need coats and hoodies, this is a good time to check if we are missing something in the closet or if we have clothes to donate. In addition, with this task we will see if we need more hangers or separators in the drawers that facilitate us moon better organization.
Fridge and extractor hood
Moving on to the kitchen, we can not forget those tasks that the rest of the year, due to lack of time or energy, it is more difficult for us to do: clean the fridge and the extractor hood. Taking advantage of the that the fridge is half empty so little we have been at home, we can easily clean the shelves with a bayette and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is very suitable for this appliance, as it does not spoil any surface and does not leave inside traces of smell of chemical disinfectant.
To clean the extractor hood the easiest way is to soak the filters with degreaser while cleaning the inside with a scouring and a mixture of water and bleach. This combination is the most effective, but if you do not convince us, we can replace the bleach with vinegar again.
Deodorize the bathroom
Finally, you can go over the bathroom. And for this there are not many tricks or ways to buy time: showers and toilets need a cleaning as thoroughly after the holidays as the rest of the year. Although to remove lime, however, you can use white vinegar, as we have done in the kitchen, either alone or as a complement to the products we normally use. In the same way, the mirrors will look better if we repeat what we have done with the windows: glass cleaner and newspaper.
It's also likely that, if we've been a season without opening the faucets, the pipes will start to smell. To clean them inside, just pour a squirt of ammonia before going to sleep, and in the morning pour hot water to rinse it.