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Your shiny house in a simple way

Your shiny house in a simple way
Bright Cleaning Queens

A clean place automatically becomes a nice place, no matter if it is small or not decorated, if it is cleaned as a sun is beautiful and makes anyone comfortable in it. In this sense, it is vitally important to have our white-tipped home as long as possible, to attract good energies, so that unforeseen visits get the best impression, so that you yourself feel comfortable as long as you are there.
Furniture must be treated with love
When cleaning the floor and walls it is normal to raise a considerable amount of dust, and that it is easily possessed in your furniture and electrical devices, so the advice is to cover them with large plastic bags or sheets, while sweeping and thoroughly sweeping every corner of your home. At the end of your cleaning day, what will remain will be to shake them a little and you're done.
Pick up what you don't need!
That pile of magazines you no longer read because they are old, the ornaments that you know are left over on the table, the five paintings that you have on the wall, in short, all those things that take up space in your home but have no utility either functional or decorative, save them to use again in future decorations, give them new uses by recycling them or obscene them if they are in good condition. The more things you have, the more you have to clean, the more clutter perception will be created, and the less space you will have to travel comfortably, especially if it is a small square meter.
Put everything in place
Let's face it, cleaning and ordering the home is not the typical task that everyone loves to do, on the contrary, it is usually tedious and for this reason it is normal that you want to finish it quickly and keep everything where you first feel. This reveals the saying that the remedy is worse than the disease because then, that mess that you created by placing things anywhere, will bill you when you need them and you don't find them easily. Save yourself going through this by setting aside a place for everything: dirty laundry, in the laundry basket, things you don't use, in boxes and bags, that you can store in a closet, the basement, under the stairs or in the garage, there will always be a perfect space to store everything neatly.
Top to bottom
You've probably been doing it the other way around all this time: first you clean the floor and then the walls, but ideally do it from top to bottom, so all the dirt will fall on the floor. It also includes the cleaning of the ceiling, with a broom eliminates all traces of dust and the typical cobwebs that can form in it.
From the inside out
When sweeping and passing school you should always follow a single direction: from the inside out. Thus, you clean your own footsteps; Apply it at home home space and do it with the windows open to make surfaces dry more quickly.
Crystals are cleaned with newspaper
Enough newspaper and a good glass cleaner is all you need to leave your crystals shiny. You don't have glass cleaners? a little soap and water will suffice. Don't forget that the crystals are quick dirt tellers, so make sure they're spotless all the time.
As you can see, everything can be used: that your home is small, that it has no expensive furniture, it may still be without frised walls or ceramics on the floor, unless it is dirty! There are no excuses for that!